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UK to host Extreme E season 1 finale

The Extreme E season finale will be held in the British military base of Bovington this upcoming December.

The Extreme E series will have its season one grand finale in Bovington, located on the South Coast of the United Kingdom. It will take place in December 18th and 19th, and will be a race filled with natural obstacles of the most varied.

The race will be named the ‘Jurassic X-Prix’, as it is located in what is known as the ‘Jurassic Coastline’. Bovington is also home to a British military base, and the British Ministry of Defence and Army will be working closely with the race organization. 

That is why this race has a double significance since it is part of a project carried out by the British government and the authorities of the event through which it seeks to reduce the carbon footprint.

Alejandro Agag, CEO and founder of the series, commented that “This move is a poignant shift in our mission to race in remote, far-away places to highlight the effects of climate change, as more increasingly, the issues we talk about are literally happening in our backyards so it felt like the right time to bring the spotlight home, and help the army reduce its own carbon footprint”.

Major General Simon Hutchings mentioned that “The British Army prides itself on its ability to conduct operations in all environments, adapting and developing its skills as required.  The opportunity to work alongside Extreme E will enable us to share innovative ideas which will allow the Army to continue to gain technology advantage globally, whilst also contributing to our climate and sustainability targets”.

Andrea Perilli

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