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RXR and Chip Ganassi Racing win Semi Finals

Roseberg X Racing and Chip Ganassi Racing win the Semi Finals after two challenging races in Sardinia.

The Chip Ganassi Racing car, piloted by Sara Price and Kyle LeDuc, was the only car to finish the first semi final after the X44 machine and Andretti United car collided.

There was lots of contact off the line as the three drivers tried to pick their lanes. Cristina Gutierrez in the X44 car and Timmy Hansen in the Andretti United both attempted to take the same lane, ultimately making contact. Gutierrez was pushed into a patch of undergrowth and hit a rock, taking her out of the race. Hansen managed to limp on a little longer before coming to a stop.

The incident allowed Price and LeDuc to complete their runs in a slower pace. LeDuc, who was the second driver in the car, claimed his lap allowed him to learn some tricks he plans to put to use in the final.

Chip Ganassi Racing will be joined in the Final by X44, after Hansen was deemed to be at fault for the incident that took Gutierrez out of the race. The Andretti pair were classified last, allowing X44 through to the finals.

The second Semi Final was a simpler affair. Rosberg X Racing’s Johan Kristoffersson and Abt’s Mattias Ekstrom both took the same lane off the start, but managed to avoid contact. Kristoffersson was ahead and had a good lead when he came into the pits to hand his car over to Molly Taylor. The pair eventually finished 1m24.92s ahead of the Abt duo.

Carlos Sainz had a steering problem early in the race. He and Laia Sanz managed the problem and completed their run, but were roughly eight minutes off the pace.

Rosberg X Racing and Abt proceed to the final, where they will be joined by the winner of the Crazy Race.

Image courtesy of Extreme E

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