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Ahlin Kottulinsky: “This weekend will be a challenge”

As the second season of Extreme E gets to an end this weekend at the Energy X-Prix in Punta del Este, Rosberg X Racing team leads the championship and is likely to clinch the title once again. Driver Mikaela Ahlin Kottulinsky expects this to be a challenging race 

The Swedish driver is no rookie to Extreme E, having initially competed for JBXE in the first season before switching to reigning champions Rosberg X Racing this 2022. She highlights that clinching the title for the second consecutive year has been on everybody’s mind at the RXR garage and that this weekend they are “not trying to take big any big risks because in the end our goal is to win the championship”.

She reckons that this track, with a surface mostly covered in grass, “will be a challenge” for all the drivers. “I think we will see a lot of development of the track”, she commented regarding the changing weather conditions they have faced so far in the Uruguayan coast.

This race will be Extreme E’s very first one to have fans on the grandstands. On Thursday afternoon, there was a parade in downtown Punta del Este where fans could get to see the cars up close and meet the drivers at an autograph session. Ahlin Kottulinsky highlighted the fact that the public could get to know the vehicles they drive: “I think it’s hard to understand how huge the car is once you are inside, and I think when you see these massive cars that’s when you understand that we are driving these massive cars all around the world, making great racing, and I think that was a great opportunity for fans and spectators to be inside and see the cars, the driving, and meet all of us”.

Rosberg X Racing leads the championship with a total of 83 points, followed by Team X44 with 66 points. The German outfit took the win in the season opener in Saudi Arabia and in Sardinia, a race that has a special memory for the Swede as she reckons that “I did an overtake to take the win so that was my personal highlight”.

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