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Rosenqvist reckons to have good weekends when coming “straight from another car”

Regarded by many as the most versatile driver of his generation, Felix Rosenqvist has encountered his fair share of success in Formula E. Despite the last races’ struggles, the Swede is confident their performance can improve in the upcoming rounds.

Over the last few years, Felix Rosenqvist has picked up something of a reputation as a driver whose style was more 1970’s than modern day. A driver who is fearless and not afraid to wind on more than just a dab of opposite lock harks back to images of one of his countrymen, the legendary Ronnie Peterson.

He is also a driver who is devastatingly quick in just about anything. 

In addition to his Formula E drive with Mahindra, he also raced in Super Formula, Porsche Carrera Cup Scandinavia, the FIA GT World Cup at Macau, and an LMP2 Oreca at Le Mans. 

As a case in point, he is racing the WAKOS Lexus LC500 in the GT500 class in #SUPER GT alongside Kazuya Oshima at the Fuji 500km this weekend.

When asked about how difficult it was to adapt between different types of car, the Swedish driver said: “I don’t find it hard to be honest because I’ve done that for quite the time now, maybe for the last three years I’ve been swapping between different cars.

“I actually think rather the opposite. It helps you and you can always sort of learn something from another car and bring it back and I always find I have good weekends when I come straight from another car”.

The Paris ePrix was more solid than spectacular for Rosenqvist during the opening stint and when asked if it was more down to the car setup, he replied: “It didn’t feel like I had a lot of grip to be fair and I think that’s been sorta the story of the day really that the grip has been there and then it’s been not there and then it’s been there.

“Also, during the stint, it’s sorta changing a bit and it’s quite unpredictable to drive and I think that’s why, like in Formula E, you need confidence and consistency and that’s how you build up lap time and we have something different every time. It’s sorta hard to, I mean, you can do a good lap if you’re lucky, sort of, and then, yeah, but you cannot build on anything and I think that’s, that was the case.”

“In the second stint, the car felt much better but it was not really in a position where I could fight but I think even I felt like I did a really good job in the second one and still, we didn’t really go that quick so, I don’t, yeah, no too many positives to take away except that I think we, from the starting position we had, we did a quite good job”, he added

With regards to how much luck is involved in keeping out of trouble during the races, especially after Mexico City where he was leading comfortably before having to do a full power cycle, Rosenqvist commented that it “depends on the race”.

“We expected this one to be quite crazy and somehow, it ended up being not too much happening. Maybe, in the end, there was a bit but yeah, you sort of don’t know when you need to play the safe card or the aggressive card and I think this race, you favoured the ones who were aggressive like Daniel Abt, who was charging through the field.

“It worked out for him and I maybe was a little more cautious but you never know and I find these days are the ones that you need that eighth-place finish otherwise you, yeah, even if that’s maximum for the day, you need to take it because those points are gonna matter in the end.”

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