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Mastering Qualy: Turvey on how this has been an advantage

NIO’s Oliver Turvey is one of those drivers you always have to keep an eye on, sometimes for a certain reason in particular. In the Brit’s case, qualifying has been a major strength on his Formula E career and it is something he discussed with Editor Rob Lomas.

Oliver Turvey is still the only driver to have qualified in the Top 10 at every round this season, including a front-row start in Berlin. 

The Brit is justifiably proud of his qualifying record and reckons he can keep the streak going. “I’m proud of my qualifying record. I think I’m qualifying very consistently, even last season and this year but yeah, I guess there’s more pressure the nearer we get to the end of the season, but, I like the pressure!”.

He also mentioned that he is a fan of the one-lap format used by Formula E adding: “I like the qualifying and I like the one-lap format. It’s a lot of pressure to deliver on that lap, and we’ve been good in qualifying and I think we’ve shown our pace. 

“We’ve been able to deliver and I’ve been able to deliver and maximise the lap. So today was good as well I mean, really happy with the qualifying and especially with the Superpole. You know, to come from group one to make Superpole and then also to qualify on the front row of the grid was a great result. 

Qualifying group one is the group the drivers dislike the most as it means that the drivers in the following groups have a bit more rubber laid down on the circuit. 

Having been in group one on more than one occasion, Turvey reckons the track evolution differs between circuits. “I mean, it changes from track to track so I think some tracks are worse than others but group one’s the one you never want to be in really. 

“So today didn’t seem too bad but I kind of tried to ignore the fact I was in group one and just go out there and do the best lap I could and my lap was good enough for Superpole.” 

The British driver is, on the whole pleased with his performances this season given some of the circumstances.

“I’ve been in group one twice already this year and had also two sessions with red flags which compromised four of my qualifying, or rather two of my qualifying sessions. 

“A I say, I’ve been happy with the laps I’ve done and I guess it’s about delivering on that lap and maximising the car over the one lap without any mistakes. So, happy I’ve been able to keep delivering every race.”

Rob Lomas

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