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New race format announced for S5

With the arrival of Gen 2 to the competition, the FIA and Formula E have announced a new race format to be used from Season 5 onwards.

As the new car brings a new battery which will see the same vehicle running for the entire length of a race, instead of the car swaps; two different power modes will be used, as Formula E aims to retain its “unpredictable nature”, as mentioned on the official statement.

The highest power mode, will be 225kW, reachable once the cars have passed by a newly introduced ‘activation zone’. 

The futuristic design of ten Gen 2, will also display the power mode drivers are in on the car’s halo, with LED lights.

Super Pole will now consist of the six fastest drivers overall; as well as FanBoost remains in the race format, allowing its winners to get to 250kW.

The FIA will establish the number of uses and duration of the higher power mode, which will vary on every event.

Another change implemented in Season 5, will be the measurement of races with time, instead of laps. Races will last 45 minutes, in addition to another lap to the chequered flag.

There will no longer be a fastest lap award winner, but the driver within the Top 5 to use the least amount of energy, will be awarded.

Andrea Perilli

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