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2019 Zurich ePrix cancelled due to other local events

Formula E is looking for a new Switzerland host city after the cancellation of this season’s Zurich ePrix.

The Swiss race was scheduled for the 9th June, but would clash with the Zuri-Fascht festival, which is held in the city every three years and uses many of the same streets as the Zurich street circuit.

With the Zurich Pride Festival taking place a week before the event, the local government said in a statement that an “additional major event would be too great a burden for the population”.

It’s understood Formula E officials tried to find an alternative date that would work for the city, but rescheduling was not possible.

Now organisers are trying to find an alternate location for the race, with Bern – the site of the Swiss Grand Prix between 1947 and 1954 – a possibility. The Bern mayor has already come out in favour of hosting the season five race.

Zurich could return to the Formula E calendar in 2020, but would likely take place on a different circuit due to problems with the planning and construction of last season’s ePrix.


Bethonie Waring

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