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Extreme E confirms 2021 calendar including Senegal stage

Extreme E has confirmed the dates for its debut season, which gets underway in January 2021.

The all-electric off-road series will race at five locations that are under threat from climate change and human activity. Each round is staged over three days, on tracks designed to “provide the most challenging exciting action, using existing obstacles and features with elevation changes and jumps, in order to minimise environmental impact.”

Organisers will also work with local experts, governments and charities to start legacy initiatives to help combat the issues that threaten the environment.

“Finalising the first calendar is a great moment for any championship and today we have this moment,” said founder Alejandro Agag.

“I had no idea what this journey was going to be like when we embarked on it a few months ago. I’ve been to five of the most spectacular, remote locations on the planet; each facing issues at the hands of climate change and human activity. It has been a life-lesson.

“In six months, I’ve seen the impacts of climate change first-hand and have met people that are experiencing the effects. For anyone that denies its existence or is unaware of the problems it is causing – just come with us on this journey.

“We were in Greenland for our first announcement a few months ago where we could see the ice cap melting. In Senegal, 1000 kilometres away, the boarding school that helped us with our beach clean at last week’s announcement has tripled in size because the coast is disappearing through sea-level rise and people are being displaced. You can see that all of the challenges are interlinked.

“I am incredibly grateful for the support we’ve received from all of our hosts and I can’t wait for what is going to be a special, unprecedented odyssey which will drive real change to get underway for the very first time.

“To have sealed all five of our locations by this point, with Extreme E having been little more than an idea on a napkin back in January this year, is an achievement I am very proud of.

“The team has worked tirelessly behind the scenes up to this point and will continue to do so right up to January 2021.”

The season begins with its Ocean leg, the last of the five locations to be announced. The round, which is scheduled for mid-January, takes place on the shores of Lac Rose in Sengal, near the iconic rally setting of Dakar.

Round two, the Desert leg, takes place in Saudi Arabia in early March, before a trip to the Himalayas for the Mountain leg in May.

Greenland, the first location to be announced for the inaugural championship, hosts the Glacier leg of the season in late August.

The season finale takes place in Brazil, where the Amazon Rainforest hosts the Rainforest round in October.

1Lac Rose, Senegal22-24 January 2021
2Shraan, Al-`Ula, Saudi Arabia4–6 March 2021
3Kali Gandaki Gorge, Nepal6–8 May 2021
4Kangerlussuaq, Russell Glacier, Greenland27–29 August 2021
5Santarém, Pará, Amazon Rainforest, Brazil29–31 October 2021

Image credit: Extreme E

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