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Jakarta race set to be relocated

The Indonesian Calendar slot, scheduled for June 6th, is set to be moved from its original location to a new one. 

Initially, the E-Prix was set to be held in the area known as the “Monas”, a site home to some of Jakarta’s most important historical national monuments, as well as government buildings. 

As reported by news site The Race, due to the modifications the site requires in order to host the race, local authorities have turned down the idea, which means that the organisation will need to work in a race-against-time in order to find a new spot within the city to carry out the E-Prix. 

A spokesperson from Formula E has stated :“With many other existing plans in the pipeline and city-commissioned regeneration projects in and around the Monas area, Formula E and the Jakarta Organising Committee are cooperating in accordance with the request. 

“Formula E and the Jakarta Organising Committee will continue with preparations for the event based on the change in circumstances and promote the E-Prix and the importance of embracing clean energy and electric vehicles as a solution to addressing inner-city air pollution”, the spokesperson added. 

It is yet another challenge for Formula E in the 2019/20 season, following the cancellation of the Hong Kong E-Prix due to civil unrest and the postponement of the Sanya E-Prix due to the outbreak of novel coronavirus. There were also protests in Chile that caused the cancellation of the World Rally Championship round in Chile, although Formula E did race in Santiago this year.

Andrea Perilli

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