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Aegerter claims E-Pole in Andalucia

Another day of domination by Dominique Aegerter, as the Swiss rider clinched the pole position in the qualifying session ahead of the Andalucia race. 

The free practice sessions leading to qualifying were led by Switzerland’s Dominique Aegerter

Qualifying started with an early domination by Australian rider Josh Hook. Frenchman Mike Di Meglio could not catch up with Hook’s pace on his stint, positioning in provisional third place behind him and Cardelus. 

It was Lukas Tulovic who overtook Hook’s provisional first spot on the standings, marking a provisional fastest time. Italian rider Niccolo Canepa came behind Tulovic on his qualifying stint. Canepa was followed by teammate Xavier Simeon, who could not quite match the Italian’s pace coming fifth in the timings. 

Spanish driver Jordi Torres came just behind Tulovic, positioning himself in provisional P2. Right after Torres it was time for Italian Matteo Ferrari’s stint; he got provisional E Pole position, passing Tulovic’s time to climb to the top of the standings. 

San Marino’s driver Alex di Angelis came fifth. Casadei, who had finished third overall in the combine free practice session timetables combined, could not match his FPS pace and results, coming sixth after his stint.

Granado, the series’ first ever race winner, bumped while doing his stint, which cost him some time impeding him to take provisional pole position, coming third overall. Aegerter, who strongly dominated the practice sessions, was the last driver to do his stint; he climbed up to pole position, completing yet another day of domination in the Andalucia circuit. 

Undoubtedly, the Swiss is a candidate to take tomorrow’s race victory, having been on top of the standings in practice sessions and clinching pole position in today’s qualifying session. Ferrari and Tulovic, who came second and third, respectively, will definitely be chasing closely the Swiss aiming to take victory in Andalucia. 

Image credit: MotoGP


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