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Lagorce wins Isola race 2

Franck Lagorce denied Olivier Panis the perfect return to the Andros e-Trophy with victory in the final race of the weekend at Isola 2000.

Panis started from pole and made a good getaway and appeared to have shaken Lagorce and the rest of the field in the opening laps.

However, Lagorce bounced back midway through the race, forcing his way past Panis. Once Lagorce was through, it didn’t take Jeremy Sarhy long to capitalise on Panis’ misfortune and snatch second.

The top two pulled away from the rest of the field as Yann Ehrlacher aimed to continue Panis’ fall backwards. Panis defended well, but couldn’t keep Ehrlacher behind him. The Dupessy driver found a way through, albeit not without losing the entire rear bodywork of his car, as Panis ran wide.

Nathaneal Berthon completed Panis’ journey backwards and the former Formula 1 driver ended the race P5, ahead of only Christophe Ferrier, but his earlier strong performance in qualifying means he takes more points than anyone in the second day of action at Isola.

In the second final, Aurelien Panis claimed the victory after passing pole sitter Jean-Baptiste Dubourg early on.

Dubourg leaves Isola top of the overall standings, two points ahead of Aurelien Panis and eight ahead of Yann Ehrlacher.

Image courtesy of Bruno Bade

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