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Victory for Rosberg X Racing at the Desert X-Prix

The Roberg X Racing team claimed victory in the very first Extreme E race, with Johan Kristoffersson and Molly Taylor leading the way at the Desert X-Prix.

The three teams to compete in the Desert X-Prix final were Rosberg X Racing, X44, and Andretti United. The latter would start from pole position, with Timmy Hansen at the wheel.

As the race started, Hansen was able to gain a big advantage over the other two competitors.

Johan Kristoffersson was able to shorten the gap and finally overtake the Swede minutes later, while Sebastien Loeb was relegated far behind the lead.

The Rosberg X Racing driver got to the drivers switch on top of the standings, and a smooth switch between Kirstoffersson and Taylor meant they kept the lead at the halfway stafe.

Catie Munnings, a couple of seconds later, was also running on her Andretti United car after switching with Hansen.  Cristina Gutierrez, Loeb’s teammate, was the last one to jump into the driver’s seat.

There were no position swaps during the final lap, and Taylor flawlessly got to the finish line to win the very first Extreme E race. Munnings came up second, with Gutierrez being the last one to cross the finish line several seconds after the other two drivers.

Image courtesy of Extreme E. 

Andrea Perilli

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