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Hansen plays down rivalry with his brother ahead of Ocean X-Prix

Kevin Hansen will have his first Extreme E run this weekend replacing Jenson Button in the JBXE car

The Swedish driver is the younger brother of Andretti driver Timmy Hansen. Having had competed as teammates before, this is the first time they will have competed for rival teams.

Speaking in the pre-race press conference this afternoon in Senegal, Hansen played down the rivalry with his brother. “I think there’s never gonna be a big rivalry.
“Sorry for every one of you but there’s not”, he mentioned. 

“I think we’re settling in fine, we’re door to door in the paddock. For sure it’s a bit strange, but I think we’re handling it well, he’s doing his thing, I’m doing my thing and at home, we are fully supporting what we’re doing. It’s a comfort to have him on the grid because it’s one I know the level of and, and I know how to be faster”, he added. 

Hanssen also has had some prior experience of the Odyssey 21. “Well, yes, I was (testing) last year and at the end of the season at the pre-season testing in Aragon, I got a few laps in with Andretti. Also, I drove very early in the development in France so, I’ve done some laps, but nothing in the terrain like Extreme E”, the Swede explained. 

He also revealed just how late his call-up to the team was, especially with all of the COVID related-protocols, which need to be followed by drivers and team personnel.

“I think the team desires a good result, then I’m happy to come here and see what I can do to help them; it’s quite a young team and new people. It’s a lot of work to be done but, I think we have good potential and Mikaela is fast so I’m happy”, commented Hansen.

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