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Rosberg X Racing takes victory in eventful Ocean X-Prix

Molly Taylor and Johan Kristoffersson took victory in an action-packed Ocean X-Prix, where only two cars were able to finish.

Taylor led the first lap. She had a clean drive and was able to stay ahead of Stephane Sarrazin, who looked for an overtake for most of their lap.

As Kristoffersson jumped into the Odyssey 21, he gained an important distance from his opponent, Jamie Chadwick, in the Veloce car. He clinched the win cleanly and dominantly.

It was a two-car race for most of the final, as Mikaela Ahlin-Kottulinsky for JBXE and Cristina Gutierrez in the X44 entry had to retire shortly after the start. This meant that neither Kevin Hansen, nor Sebastien Loeb could jump into the Odyssey 21 in the drivers switch.

Another particularity the race had was that the second lap was kicked off from the track’s starting point and not from the usual driver switch area. As there was a red flag at the time the drivers as broken cars were being retired from the sand, Race Control indicated that Kristoffersson and Chadwick would start from a different place.

This victory in Senegal marks the Rosberg X Racing team’s second win in the series, becoming one of the clear candidates to take the title at the end of the season, though still early into the season.


Image courtesy of Extreme E. 

Andrea Perilli

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