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Andretti United takes Arctic X-Prix victory

The Andretti United team took its first victory of the season at the Arctic X-Prix.

Timmy Hansen took the lead of the race during the second lap and dominated unchallenged to take the win.

This was the first time five teams competed in an Extreme E Final. The Sainz and Button teams qualified for the Final in the Crazy Race, and joined the already qualified X44, Rosberg X Racing, and Andretti United, which had earned their spot through the Semi Finals.

In the first lap, the lead was disputed between Mollie Taylor and Katie Munnings, but Sebastien Loeb found a spot and took the advantage, positioning himself in the front and distancing himself from the pack.

During the driver switch, Loeb reported a puncture on the rear right tyre. This caused a delay for Cristina Gutierrez to do her lap.

Andretti United’s Hansen took the lead in the second lap. He dominated his lap from start to finish, clinching his team’s first ever win in Extreme E.

In second position came the JBXE team of Kevin Hansen and Mikaela Ahlin-Kottulinsky. The Acciona Sainz team of Carlos Sainz and Leia Sanz collected its first podium of the season after coming in third position.

Due to the tyre issue during the driver switch, the X44 team of Loeb and Cristina Gutierrez finished in fourth position.

The Rosberg X Racing team finished fifth as the car broke down halfway the second lap when Johan Kristoffersson was at the wheel.

Image courtesy of Extreme E

Andrea Perilli

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