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Veloce announces Extreme E Season 2 line-up

Veloce has confirmed its line up for the 2022 Extreme E season.

The team ran four drivers over the course of 2021 and finished seventh in the Teams’ Championship with a best finish of second in Senegal.

Lance Woolridge, who made his debut with the team in the final round of the 2021 season, will join Christine Giampaoli Zonca. GZ, as she is known, spent 2021 competing with Xite Energy Racing, and finished a joint ninth in the Drivers’ Championship with team-mate Oliver Bennett.

“As with any motorsport series – and especially Extreme E due to its unpredicatble nature – it’s important to have some level of consistency from one season to another, so it’s great to have Lance onboard after a really impressive showing in Dorset with us last year,” said team principal Rupert Svendsen-Cook.

“This year promises to be the team’s biggest yet and with Lance and Christine onboard, we’re excited to see the heights Veloce Racing can reach on the course as Extreme E prepares for another thrilling season.”

Speaking about GZ, he added: “For us, Christine’s talent is certain, and we’re committed to maximising her potential through further development to ensure we capitalise on that for our shared success.”

Woolridge came to Extreme E with plenty of off roading experience and two South African Cross Country Series titles under his belt. He sent most of the year as Veloce’s reserve and development driver before making his racing debut in Dorset, where he and Jamie Chadwick drove the team to sixth overall.

“This is a great opportunity to continue with the team after a really promising race in Dorset at the end of last season,” he said. “Although we didn’t make it to the Final, I think it was clear to see that the ace was there, and we have some solid foundations to build on in 2022.

“Veloce Racing is a great team with a really dedicated group of people behind the scenes so I’m happy to be working with them again. Christine did a great job last season so I’m confident we can achieve great things together at Veloce.”

Image courtesy of Extreme E

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