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Barclay: “We need to be absolutely sure it’s safe”

Jaguar Racing team director James Barclay has said his biggest priority is to ensure pit stops in Formula E are safe after a rule change scrapped the minimum pit stop time.

The ruling was sent to the teams ahead of the Marrakesh ePrix this weekend to explain that minimum pit stop would be scrapped for the rest of the season.

Previously teams had to adhere to a time set on a race-by-race basis to complete pit stops, which include drivers swapping cars mid-race.

Barclay was at the Autosport International Show to announce Formula E tyre supplier Michelin would also supply the Jaguar I-PACE eTROPHY.

Barclay told Just Electric: “My biggest point, I think, we just need to be absolutely sure it’s safe. My biggest priority if we have this in place that it’s safe; that our mechanics are safe, our technicians are safe, and our drivers are safe.

“That’s of primary importance to me. I actually support the ambition to continue to evolve the championship though.”

Barclay also confirmed the idea was not discussed in pre-season or at the opening weekend in Hong Kong, saying it is not something the teams envisaged happening.

He said: “It’s not something we envisaged coming our way so it’s a new development. We need to get to Marrakesh and really understand what the implications are for the rest of the season.

“It’s a new ruling. We need to continue to support the FIA’s work in developing what is truly becoming a great championship. I think, on this particular ruling, we need to check that it’s going to be safe for everyone.”

Jack Amey

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