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Minimum pit time scrapped from Marrakesh ePrix

The mandatory Formula E car swap will no longer be subject to a minimum time from the Marrakesh ePrix onwards.

Car swaps have been a feature of Formula E since the series began back in 2014 with minimum times enforced to ensure the safety of drivers leaving the garage.

Teams and drivers have been getting more efficient at the car swaps with each race and, according to Autosport, the FIA now believe the pit stop times are at the fastest.

The minimum time being dropped should result in a variation of pit stop times which could have an impact on race results.

A driver who completes his pit stop the fastest should be able to jump up the order while a slower stop could see the driver in question fall down the order.

Having a minimum time slightly longer than teams required allowed teams and drivers, a bit of leeway in ensuring drivers’ belts were done up correctly.

The change is effective immediately and, as the rule was never in the regulations, means the FIA can amend it at any point.


The change was clarified to the teams ahead of the Marrakesh ePrix this weekend.


The Marrakesh ePrix takes place on Saturday with race start at 4pm local time.



Jack Amey

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