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Extreme E postpones South American races

Due to the Covid-19 situation in South America, Extreme E has postponed its Brazil and Argentina races, while looking for new alternative venues. 

As coronavirus cases are still on the rise both in Brazil and Argentina – where the Amazon X-Prix and the Glacier X-Prix, respectively, were set to be held – Extreme E has made the decision to put off both races for next season. 

The series is exploring the possibility of racing in the Western Isles, Scotland, as the UN’s Climate Change Conference (COP26) is taking place on Scottish soil as well. 

Alejandro Agag, founder and CEO of Extreme E, has said that the series organisers “have been closely monitoring the situation regarding all Extreme E locations for 2021 and have chosen to make this pre-emptive decision on racing in South America this year”. 

Agag commented that the series has the priority to complete five races into its Season 1 calendar, guaranteeing safety to all participants and involved. 

“This was not a decision made lightly, however current travel advice and restrictions have also meant we have been unable to visit the race areas in advance to undertake the necessary reconnaissance visits, which are especially vital due to the remote nature of our operations”, added Agag.


Image courtesy of Extreme E.

Andrea Perilli

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