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Kleinschmidt to race for Abt for the remainder of the XE season

Jutta Kleinschmidt has been confirmed to race for the Abt Cupra team for the remainder of the Extreme E season

The German driver had joined the team in Senegal, replacing Claudia Huertgen, who had fallen ill with a stomach bug

In her first Extreme E outing, along with teammate Matthias Ekstrom, they reached for the semi-final. A communication error complicated their performance, dropping to the bottom of the standings and missing out on the chance to make it through the final. 

“At first, I followed the series from the organisers’ point of view, then I got a spontaneous drive and now, together with Mattias, I’m actually a permanent member of the family of drivers. I’m very happy for the chance to compete at the highest level again”, commented Kleinschmidt. 

Now, Kleinschmidt has her chance for redemption in the Arctic X-Prix in Greenland in August, as well as continuing to race for the German outfit in the upcoming events whose locations have not been confirmed yet. 


Image courtesy of Extreme E. 

Andrea Perilli

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